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Relive those epic sessions with GPS maps, wave count, top speed, calories burned, biggest turn, and much more. Surf, kite, wake, windsurf, SUP, kayak — Trace can track it all.



Track every run, lift, and trail with GPS maps, vertical drop, speed, jumps, calories, airtime and more. Works at any resort or in the backcountry for Skiing, snowboarding, and downhill Mountain Biking.


Trace Surf works with iOS, Android, and Mac

Track your action with Trace.

Trace is a small sensor that attaches directly to your board and tracks your activity while riding with incredible accuracy. The free Trace app syncs with Trace through bluetooth and gives you an instant summary and in-depth analysis of your session. Relive those epic moments with GPS maps, number of runs, waves, or passes, top speed, calories burned, turns, jumps, airtime, and much more.

Take video with GoPro or another camera? Trace automatically edits your entire day of footage to just the action — no editing required.

Trace is simple to setup and easy to use.

1. Put Trace into the mount on your board.

Multiple boards, skis, etc? No problem. Seperate mounts will allow you to use Trace on all of your equpiment.

Trace attaches to your board.

2. Turn it on and go shred.

Trace is smart and will separate your runs, segments, turns, and airs automatically. Just keep recording!

Turn it on and go Surf

3. Sync with the app and check your stats.

The Trace Surf app for iPhone or Android pairs with your Trace and displays all the info from your session.

Sync with the app.

All day battery life.

Traces lasts for 7 hours on a single charge. Multiple surf sessions or a full day on the slopes, Trace will keep going as long as you’re willing to! Trace runs independently from your phone and you’ll never have to worry about your phone’s battery again. Just sync Trace with your phone at the end of the day to see all of your stats.

Same Device, Multiple Sports.

Surf, ski, snowboard, SUP, Windsurf, Kite, Mountain Bike, Wake—Trace can track them all. Built with versatility in mind, your Trace gives you access to an ever growing range of action sports on both water and snow. Each sport comes with its own custom stats and curated app experience so you always see the information you care about.

See the list of supported Trace sports ›


Free shipping for all US orders! Start tracking and improving your riding today with Trace. With custom stats for each sport, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it.

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