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Having Trace auto-edit your videos is a simple three step process.

Step 1


Sync your camera with Trace

Connect your camera’s wireless network, open Trace Surf or Trace Snow, and press “Sync GoPro”.

Step 2


Upload your footage to our Mac app or to Dropbox

You can download our Mac App or connect your Trace account to our secure Dropbox app.

Step 3


View and share your videos

Your new video clips will automatically be uploaded to your personal Trace page, and are easily shareable.

Download the Mac app or connect to Dropbox

To upload your raw footage, you’ll need to download the Trace Video Mac app. You can also upload raw footage to our Dropbox app, by connecting your Trace account to Dropbox.

Download the Mac App:

Download the Mac app Download now

Connect Trace account to Dropbox:

Sync Trace with a GoPro

If you want Trace to auto-edit your GoPro footage, you need to sync your camera with Trace every time you hit the slopes or the surf.

How to sync your GoPro before your session:

Sync Trace with almost any other camera

If you want to sync another camera with Trace, it’s slightly different process. Watch the video below to see how to sync almost any camera to Trace.

How to sync almost any camera before your session:

How to edit footage with the mac app

Once you’ve finished filming, open the Trace Video mac app and take the raw footage from your camera and drag it onto the window. The app will automatically identify and edit your footage into as many clips as there are waves/runs.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

How to upload the footage to dropbox

You can also upload the raw video files to Dropbox if you’ve connected your Trace account to Dropbox. If you haven’t, go to Connect Trace account to Dropbox.

Once you’ve connected your Trace account, go to Dropbox.com > Apps, then drop the raw video into the Trace Sync folder.

Just drag and drop the video files into the open browser window:

Upload to Dropbox

How to view your videos

Depending on how much footage you have it will take 10-30 mins to fully auto-edit your footage. After Trace is finished, we’ll send you an email with a link to all your clips. The clips will also show up under the “Me” section of the app (Trace Surf or Trace Snow).

Once you’ve connected your Trace account, go to Dropbox.com > Apps, then drop the raw video into the Trace Sync folder.

How to share your videos

After the footage is cut into all your individual waves/runs, you’ll be able to easily share that content on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Click where you want to share your video:

Share your videos
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