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Teams like Legends, Arsenal, LA Galaxy, CDA Slammers, and The Mexican National Team have used Trace to save their coaching staff and players time while creating a professional culture of accountability and improvement through Trace’s player-centric platform.


I got the first clip within a couple of hours - I was quite impressed. I’ve never turned around a video that fast. Ever.

- Brooke Reece

Automatic Editing

Trace is so much faster than anything else [my daughter] has ever used. She literally looks at it all the time.

- Alex Lamos

Coach Stories

I’ve been coaching for over twenty years, and Trace has dramatically changed the game.

- Cris Araya

Parent Stories

It has been a fabulous experience and I’ve got nothing but great reviews. I 100% recommend Trace.

- Samar Needham

Automatic Filming

I am elated that we are finally going to have a camera system that does everything on it’s own and doesn’t require a parent volunteer.

- Steve Arnesen


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