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Get in depth information about your sessions.

Trace helps you improve by tracking and analyzing all your action on the slopes. Accurate to within a few inches, Trace will seperate all of your runs and detect your lifts and trails automatically. See how you hit different features and track your progression over time with total airtime, max jump height, vertical distance, max speed, calories burned, max slope angle, ride time, and much more. Know the approach speed you need to clear a kicker, how far you’re jumping, and how jumps compare from park to park, resort to resort.

Incredible accuracy.

With a combination of a 9-axis IMU and GPS, Trace is the most accurate tracker available on the market. When compared to the accuracy of just using an iPhone, you can see the obvious difference between the two. Your iPhone was never meant to accurately track 40mph sessions and 20 foot jumps, but Trace was born for that. Trace’s ability to pinpoint every detail of your session is unparalleled.

Automatically edit your footage.

With one click, Trace can automatically edit all your video. No more sifting through hours of footage just to get to see your best runs, Trace does all the work for you. Just sync your camera before you start filming, and when you get back, just upload the raw footage to your PC or Mac. Mac users can use the Trace Video Mac app, and PC users can use dropbox while they wait for the PC app to launch in April 2016. In just a few minutes, all your footage will be organized into individual clips of just your runs — with color correction, stats overlay, and easily shareable.

Learn how Joss Christensen auto-edits his footage ›

Used by top athletes and companies with raving, 5-star reviews.


★★★★★ I love getting my stats at the end of a day, especially air time. I also love to take a look at past seasons to see where I can improve and the milestones I have accomplished. I love my Trace! — Josh H.

★★★★★ After using it a few times I have to say it’s an indispensable addition to my ski gear. Not having to worry about battery life on my phone is such a relief, and the detailed information it gives is better than anything out there. — Ben Thomas


Trace is likely available at a retailer near you. Click on the ‘Store Locator’ link above to see where Traces are sold near you. You can also order a Trace by clicking on the ‘Buy Trace’ button.

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