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Video is one of the most powerful tools an athlete can use to improve. Trace measures your performance and displays it right on top of your video. This gives you valuable insight into how to become better. Trace makes the whole process of creating and sharing great video content a whole lot easier.


Make editing footage pain-free.

No more sifting through hours of video just to find that one great wave or jump. Trace is like having a personal film crew. Trace uses the metrics that you generate to determine what parts of your video contains action, and which parts to discard. Just sync your camera prior to filming and when you’re finished, upload the raw footage to our Mac app. Your raw footage will automatically be cut into individual waves or runs — all color corrected and with your stats added.

Download the Mac App (requires Trace)


Hours of footage edited instantly.

Once your camera is synced with Trace, it can identify when you’re on a wave or skiing down a mountain. Once uploaded to the Mac App, it keeps the only action and cuts out the boring stuff. In about 15 minutes, Trace can turn hours of raw footage into individual waves or runs, all automatically.

Before: Raw Footage

96 minutes of footage
Hours of footage, muted colors, and no easy way to get your highlights. We all want our footage to look like a pro’s but without time and talent, it’s nearly impossible.

After: Edited Automatically

50 sec highlight reel
Trace will automatically color correct, overlay stats, and clip out your highlights. Share directly or add music and post. It’s like having your own film crew!

Make those colors POP

Once Trace has automatically cut your footage into clips, it automatically corrects color, speed, and stability. Then all your stats are overlayed onto the clips. For surfing, it shows distance, speed, cutbacks, and airs. For snow, it shows altitude, speed, jump height, jump distance, and airtime.


Free shipping in the US! Automatically edit all of your clips without having to lift a finger. Use Trace for surfing, skiing, and snowboarding to get the most out of your time in the water or in the mountains.

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