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Trace Automatic Soccer Game Filming & Editing

Elite Trial $750
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  • Fri, June 12, 2020
    Sun, June 14, 2020
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More than just game video.

Trace combines an automated camera, performance tracking sensors, and powerful software to capture, personalize, and deliver your game results right to your email. We create personalized moments for every player automatically. With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting are seamless. Start using Trace to capture your soccer moments.

What's included?

Because you are attending an event that Trace is partnered with, you have the ability to sign up for our exclusive Elite Trial for 30 days or purchase a Trace Subscription at a discounted price!

  • Unlimited Games
  • 1 Trace Case
  • 20 Tracers
  • 1 TraceCam
  • 1 Tripod
  • Trace iD for each player

How does it work?

Before your event:

  • Equipment will be shipped to your door.
  • Your Elite Trail will start 10 days after purchase.
  • We’ll direct you to set up your Trace account and download the Trace Teams iOS app.
  • Our How to Trace videos will teach you everything you need to know.
  • We recommend running an equipment test or filming a practice game before your event.
  • You’ll bring your equipment to the field, set up Trace, and film your games all on your own!

During your event:

  • The equipment and battery pack should be charged each night.
  • You will need an iPhone and the Trace Teams app to start and stop the camera for each game.
  • The equipment can store and save up to 3 games at a time without uploading.
  • Hotspots and hotel WiFis are often not stable enough for uploading.

After your event:

  • Once you’ve uploaded all of your footage to the cloud, you will receive your game results to your email inbox.
  • After your trial, you will have 30 days to upgrade to our Elite Unlimited Subscription at a prorated rate or return your equipment.
  • To return your equipment, we will provide you with prepaid shipping labels at no additional cost.

Want more info on your event?

Leave your contact details below, and we'll send you more information on how Trace can power your team's game footage!

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What happens if my event gets canceled?

If your equipment has not shipped, we can provide you with a full refund. If your equipment has already shipped, we can provide you with a refund minus $100, the cost of shipping. Or, you can choose to keep your order and use Trace for 30 days to film games and scrimmages.

Can I upgrade before 30 days?

You can upgrade at any time before your trial is over. We'll simply prorate the amount you’ve already paid and start you immediately on our yearly subscription.

I have an Android phone, can I still use Trace?

The Trace Teams App is only iOS compatible for now. An iPhone is only needed for a few seconds before and after the game to start and stop recording and once to start the upload process. Parents or players who are viewing results do not need the app or an iPhone.

Will someone be onsite to film or help with setup?

Trace is an automated solution to manual filming and editing. You can learn everything you need to know through our online tutorials and our Trace Teams app. Once you start the camera, the rest happens on its own!

How long do I have to upgrade?

Once your trial is over, you will have 30 days to upgrade or return the equipment. If the equipment is not returned within 30 days after your trial, you may be charged an additional fee.

How do I send the equipment back?

Trace will provide prepaid returning shipping labels for you to return the equipment. You just need to drop it off at your most convenient FedEx location.