Legends Showcase 2019

Trace Automatic Soccer Game Filming & Editing

Choice Subscription (10 games) ($100 discount) $1675Elite Subscription (30 games) $3300

Bookings close 11 days before the event

You choose the games you want to film! 30 Games Filmed in HD + Sensor data is used to automate game results such as player highlight videos, touch-chain videos, and player performance stats.


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More than just game video.

Trace Soccer Game Filming & Editing gives you full game film and clips for every player. We combine a robot camera, sensors, and AI to film the game and create clips for every player automatically. Trace gives you the video that you and your players want without any work, saving you time and money.

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How does it work?

Our 180° HD Camera shoots the entire pitch and then pans and zooms automatically based on the action.

All Players wear high-resolution sensors that capture every sprint, movement, position and max effort. At 0.4oz, it’s so light players don’t even feel it. Tracers slip into a special sleeve on the calf underneath the sock.

All the video and sensor data is collected by TRACE-BOT and, once uploaded, analyzed in the cloud within minutes. TRACE-BOT then compiles playlists for each player, coach notes and team touch chains. Once you step off the field, there’s no work for you to do. TRACE-BOT takes care of everything. As soon as game video and performance metrics are calculated we send customized emails to each player, parent, and coach on the team.

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What is Trace Self-Serve?

All Trace equipment will be shipped directly to your home prior to the event. Once you’ve uploaded all of your footage to the cloud after the event, you can easily ship your equipment back to us or upgrade your package to a Choice or Elite Subscription! Your package includes 3 Games Filmed in HD + A.I. Technology to automate player highlight clips, touch-chain videos and player performance stats. Additional games can be added for $225/game.  Bookings close 11 days prior to the event.

Are you tired of shooting & editing hours of video?

What if you never had to film or edit soccer footage again?

Trace automates everything - from filming the game to editing individual clips for every player to notifying your team.. 

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