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If you can’t find your issue below you can reach out to us using the support contact form.

You can also join our weekly live Q& A sessions.

How to Trace 📒

Watch our detailed video guides.

I’m on the field ⚽

If you are on the field right now and need help ASAP contact urgent support.

Uploading Issues 💼

Your data and video are safe. Uploading will not corrupt your data.

Wifi Connection 📡

First timers please follow the wifi setup instructions.

Bluetooth connections can be a tricky. Please only tap “set up a new Trace Case” when you see your case’s wifi lights start to blink.

Roster Issues 👥

If this is your first time filling in your team’s roster check out our roster tutorial.

If player information is incorrect or missing go to the roster editing guide.

Metrics ⏱️

Our performance metrics are measured using GPS, accelerometer, and magnetometer sensors. In-game speed will often differ from hand-measured sprint speeds. Learn more about Max Efforts, Stamina, Distance, Top Speed, and Minutes Played, and Player Heat Maps.

Links are broken 🔗

If you have not gotten your game results email please contact you team’s manager to make sure the game has been processed and/or that your email is on the roster.

Game results can be found by logging in.

Check our supported browsers list.

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