Record Coach Notes

Coach notes is a flexible way to tag a game in real-time by using your voice. You can take notes for specific players or game events, like goals and corners. Every note you take will be automatically added to your coach notes video playlist so that players can jump. to that moment in the game video.


  1. Open the Trace Teams app and find the game you are currently tracing. Tap the microphone icon.
  2. Press and hold the red button to record audio.
  3. Tap on any transcription to edit your coach note.


I’m used to using physical notes – any tips for using Coach Notes? 
Since Coach Notes is a great way to bookmark notable moments, many of our coaches love to record a coach note during corner kicks, penalties, and goals getting scored.

Can I edit a Coach Note after the game has been uploaded? 
You cannot edit any Coach Note after data upload. We recommend you edit any transcription before this time.