Turn on Trace Cam

Let’s go over how to turn on Trace Cam before your game.


  1. Secure your tripod 5 large steps (15 feet) from the centerline
  2. Mount and secure your Trace Cam
  3. Check to make sure your battery is fully charged
  4. Plug both USB cables into the battery pack.
  5. You will see a large red [REC] that should appear on both screens.
  6. Open the Trace Teams app and find the game you are currently tracing. Tap the camera icon to access the Sound Sync feature.
  7. Hold your phone close to your Trace Cam while you sound sync.
  8. Make sure you hear a loud whistle to signal you have synced properly.
  9. Raise the tripod and aim your camera so that the back of the battery is parallel to the field sideline.
  10. Now you’re ready to enjoy your game.


Why do I need to sound sync? 
Sound sync is an important benchmark for Trace Cam to automatically edit your game.