When Not to Trace

Your Game is indoors

Trace utilizes GPS Technology and in order for it to work, the game must be played outdoors

High Winds or Heavy Rain

Trace equips you with sandbags that, if used properly, will allow you to comfortably film in 20-30 mph winds – if it is higher than this, we would recommend not Tracing that game

  • Tap the rain delay option in your Trace Game and follow the directions for taking down the equipment.
  • If the game resumes, follow all the same steps for Starting a game.
  • Power Cameras ON & perform the before game sync again (Note: the box will be white on the app, but that’s ok! You can click on it again.)

All Players are not wearing a Tracer

Trace uses advanced formulas that only work when the maximum amount of Tracers are on the field. It is also mandatory that goalies wear their Tracers. Failing to do so can lead to undesirable results.

You are about to Trace your 4th game in a row without uploading

Your Trace equipment safely holds 3 games.