Player Rosters

When to fill out the roster?

Fill out your roster as soon as possible after you create your team. It is important that the roster is in place before you create your first game. This will ensure that every player and parent will get the automatic match result emails.

Add a new player

Tap on an empty roster slot and enter your player & parent info.

Every person in the Trace system has to have a unique email address.

Remove or replace a player with someone new

Tap on the Tracer number for the player you want to replace. Assign that player to Tracer [?]

Next, add the new player to the original slot.

Add or swap a player to a game after it has been processed

You can always edit player assignments after game results have been sent out.

Find the empty Tracer’s profile panel in the game results, tap on the ••• more menu and tap Edit player details.