Youth Soccer Drills for 2020

Are you looking to revitalize the drills you’re using in your training periodization for the 2020 season? Planning this out can help the development of your team or club. Coaches like to keep their drills fresh, exciting, and, most importantly, educational. Depending on the age of the team, your drills varying from technical practices to functional and phase of play drills.

Developing a culture within your team based on the club methodology and principles can help create your drills. This will lead to a successful team! Building this can be tough and time-consuming, but with the aid of video to reinforce your style of play can help structure your drills.

When planning your drills, you want to ensure all the players are engaged and recognize what the desired outcome needs to be from each practice. A great way to start these sessions and pre-game warmups is with basic rondos (keep away). Playing one and two touch rondos help the players sharpen before the meat of the session. The next part of the practice should focus on a specific topic from your seasonal plan. Depending on the age of the players, this can be very different. For example, for U9-10 players, the focus could be To improve their first touch under pressure, but older players such as U16-17’s focus could be Preventing the counter-attack starting in the opposition’s half. This should be based on the periodization plan created by each coach, which can be put in place by evaluating past game film, coaches can create topics to keep the players learning.

Regardless of whether it’s a technical, functional or phase of play drills, it’s vital to create competition among the players. This is the most realistic way to relate the drills to a game. Soccer is about competing, and this is an excellent way to promote development within your squad.

Finally, if you’re looking for positive ways to promote some healthy competition, keep your soccer drills at a high tempo for the players, and they will develop! Drive team building at every turn and do your best to set objectives that are attainable for all of your players. Leaving the practice field with a sense of accomplishment and feeling of success will only leave your team coming back for more.