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Track your stats. Relive your action.
From anywhere in the world.

Track every session, see your improvement, compete against your friends,
and auto-edit all your video.

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Every stat in one place

Every stat in one place

  • GPS Mapping
  • Number of Runs
  • Speed (Max, Sustained & Avg)
  • Vertical Drop
  • Speed vs Altitude Graph
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • Slope/Chairlift/Resting Time
  • Number of Jumps
  • Airtime


  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • 10x Better Accuracy
  • Jump Height and Distance
  • Free Premium Membership
  • Waterproof, Durable, Shockproof
Trace GoPro

Trace Auto-Edits your GoPro Footage

GoPro, iPhone, and Android video all integrate with Trace to find your rides and cuts out the boring stuff.
Trace then color corrects your footage, adds your stats, and compiles them for you.

Automatic Video Editing

No more sorting through hours of footage for a two minute run. Trace finds and cuts them out for you.


Color correction & Stats

Trace color corrects your videos and overlays your stats. Your footage never looked so cool.


All your videos in one place

We put all your videos in one place, so you can find your fastest rides, biggest airs, and more.


2” wide X .86” tall

It’s less than 1.4 ounces

Exports GPX

Get access to your raw GPS data

8 hour battery life

All day on the mountain

Ridiculously adhesive

Attaches to nearly any flat surface

Buy Now $199

Prove Your Skills

Go head to head with your friends at your favorite spot or anywhere in the world. Trace has leaderboards, shows activity level, crowd factor, and more.
Trace Leaderboards


Who’s in first? Runs,
vertical, speed, etc.

Share your stats with Trace

Share your stats

Post your stats and
content to friends.

Follow friends with Trace

Follow Friends

See how hard your friends
are charging.

Explore with Trace


Get up to the minute info
on all your favorite spots.

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