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Getting Started

When you open your Trace for the first time, follow the “Start Here” instructions. With your phone, go to TraceUp.com/setup and choose the sport you’ll be using Trace for the most.

Out of the box instructions:

Once you’ve download either Trace app (Surf or Snow), follow the in-app tutorial. This will explain how to pair Trace to your phone, how to use Trace, and more.

Mounting Trace to your board/skis

It’s very important to follow the instructions when mounting Trace to your surfboard, skis, or snowboard. Make sure the surface is clean, make sure the arrows are pointing toward the front of the board, and wait 24 hours for the mount to fully adhere.

Mounting on a surfboard:

Mounting on skis:

Mounting on a snowboard:

Using a leash tether

For extra security, there’s a leash eyelet on the mount that you can attach a tether to. If you’re skiing or snowboarding, you must attach the mount tether to your binding to guarantee your waranty with Trace.

Leash Tether

How to use Trace

Once the mount on your board has cured for a full 24 hours, you’re ready to use Trace. Follow the steps to track your session:

Step 1


Press side button to turn on

Yellow means Trace is looking for a GPS signal. Trace must be outside to acquire a GPS signal.

Step 2


Wait for Trace to turn blue

Blue means Trace has acquired GPS and is ready to start recording your stats.

Step 3


Press button to start recording

Blinking blue means Trace is recording. Go surf, ski or snowboard.

Step 4


Press again to stop recording

When you’re finished, open Trace Surf or Trace Snow and go to “New Session”.

How to upload your session

After you’re finished tracking your session, go to New Session. Your phone should already be paired with Trace. If it’ not, press the “Have a Trace? Pair Now” button and make sure your bluetooth is turned on.

If your Trace is already paired, you should see the first screen below. Follow these steps to upload your session:

Step 1


Tap the number in the middle to upload data

Depending on how long the session was, this may take a few minutes.

Step 2


Tell us about your session

While your session is uploading you can add a photo and add info about your equipment.

Step 3


Tap the blue bar to view your stats

After your session is done uploading, tap the blue bar at the top to view your stats.

How to view your session details

Once you’ve successfully updated your session, you’ll see all your session details.

Checking your stats:

Sharing your stats

You can easily share your SessionSheet with your friends.

Sharing on Instagram:

Sharing on Facebook:

Sharing via text:

How to charge your Trace

It takes roughly two hours to fully charge Trace. When Trace is charging, the green light will blink, when Trace is finished chargin, the green light will be solid. You can plug charging station into your computer or a wall USB port.

Charging your Trace:

How auto-edit with Trace Video

Jump to our Trace Video Tutorial to learn more about how to auto-edit with Trace.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can also contact us: support@TraceUp.com

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